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Pioneer School Program

Reliving the way of life of area settlers and miners, elementary classes from all over the North Valley spend a day at the Gold Nugget Museum.

March 25, 2019 - June 07, 2019

Gold Nugget Museum
502 Pearson Rd
Paradise, CA 95969
 (530) 872-8722

The students are engaged in a fun learning program written to conform to the California history curriculum. Parents are trained in each station and become teachers for the students. All materials and food are provided by the museum.

Students cook lunch in a cauldron over an open fire. They learn to peel and chop vegetables, slice bread, and make butter.

After making a loom with hammers and nails, they learn to weave a piece of cloth.

A favorite is learning about how to pan gold. Students pan for polished semi-precious gemstones and take their findings home with them.

There were no toy stores in pioneer times. Students learn to make dolls from corn husks and games they can make at home. The highlight is learning to walk on stilts.

Candles were a necessity in the 1850s. Students learn how precious they were by making them.

Laundry was much different in the 1800s. Students learn to conserve soap and use a wash board.

The museum has a replica of a one-room school house where the teacher expects 1850s era behavior.


Gold Nugget Museum

The Gold Nugget Museum was incorporated as Gold Nugget Days Inc. in 1973. Its mission is to preserve and protect the Ridge heritage through the collection and display of local artifacts, and with community education programs.

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