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A Stitch In Time - The Art of Quilting

Gold Nugget Museum

The Gold Nugget Museum’s upcoming exhibit features quilts from the museum’s collection, along with the handiwork of people in our community. The Ridge Quilters Guild was particularly helpful in sharing information and loaning beautifully quilted items for the exhibit.

Open Wednesday through Sunday, 12-4pm

August 22, 2018 - November 04, 2018

Gold Nugget Museum
502 Pearson Rd
Paradise, CA 95969
 (530) 872-8722

Quilting dates back hundreds of years, but the new exhibit focuses on American quilting from the 1850s onward. Quilts on display include both hand quilted and machine quilted items. Quilting supplies such as needles, thimbles, frames, rulers, and cutting implements are shown. There is information on hanging, storing, and preserving quilts.

Quilting involves more than comforters and blankets. We have pillows and items of clothing, including a beautiful jacket with pictures showing each step of its creation.

This is a hands-on exhibit where visitors will find out how to start a simple first quilt and have the opportunity to add a stitch or two to our community quilt.

For information, please call the museum at (530) 872-8722

Open Wednesday through Sunday, 12-4pm

Gold Nugget Museum

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